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KonTiki 2013

“There’s no place ‘round the campfire for a quitter blanket”
Famous quote about the Wild West.

A time of Cowboys and Indians, Billy the Kid, the famous Gold rush and let’s not forget the railroad that cut a path through the lands. The ‘iron horse’ thundering on.

Family life was not for the faint hearted. A living had to be made from the land. Cultivating fields, sowing seed, collecting firewood and let’s not forget raising of animals. But above all else were the God Fearing family values practised, whether you were a cowboy riding the plains, an Indian sitting outside his tepee or the goldminer panning for gold, the family was above all.

Let us turn Kon Tiki 2013 into a Festive Wild West with carnivals, challengers and sporting activities. The rafts are the clippers carrying the people to the Wild West. And at night we will sit around the campfires and know that there are no quitter blankets ‘round our campfire.

Have fun and enjoy.

Yee ha

Kon Tiki Chairman