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You can download a copy of the final results under the resources section. Well done to all the participants!

Kon Tiki 2013 Final Results

Dave said:
Hi from 1st Middelburg. What a fantastic event. Feel priveledged to have been
allowed to be part of it. to all participants and fellow scouts, thank you for
the friendship displayed and scouting spirit experienced. As newcomers to the
event we were slightly overawed at the magnitude of it all, but really felt
welcome. God willing we will be back next year to experience more of this
unbelievable extravaganza. Also special to meet ex scouters who were part of our
group back in the dark ages and we hope to see you all soon. thanks again and
stay well, Keep the North Star on your right, the Southern Cross on your left
and know that where the galaxy of scouting envelops all inbetween and beyond,
BP's spirit will always be there too. Dave
15 April 2013
Erin said:
19 June 2013
Erin said:
19 June 2013
Erin said:
19 June 2013
Erin said:
19 June 2013
Erin said:
19 June 2013

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