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Kon Tiki Beaver Challenge Rules

Rules for Challengers


1.       All Kon Tiki teams who wish to win the overall Kon Tiki trophy must enter a Beaver Challenge Activity Base.


2.       One representative from each Base must report to the Beaver Challenge Desk at HQ for a short briefing at 8h00 on Saturday. Any changes to the challenge will be conveyed at this meeting.


3.       Registrations for Beaver Challenge will open on Saturday morning from 8h10 to 8h30.


4.       Penalties will apply to late registrations. Points for Beaver Challenge will go towards the “Beaver Challenge Trophy” and the “Overall Winners Trophy”.


5.       The Registration Form MUST have:

a.       A name for your activity and a detailed description of the activity.

b.      A copy of the rubber stamp(no bigger than 20mm x 20mm) used to indicate that a contestant has visited your base. This stamp is to be used throughout the day so make sure that it will not distort and that you have enough ink for the day. Stamps will be on sale at the Beaver Challenge Desk. Freehand drawings will not be accepted.

c.       The name and contact number of the adult who will be at the activity all day.


6.       Challengers may advertise their activity by submitting an advert no bigger than A5 for display on the Beaver Challenge Board at HQ. Penalties will be awarded for adverts which are larger than this as space is limited.


7.       Only one type of activity may be run at a base. There may be 2 or more of the same activity being run at the same time to prevent participants standing in long ques.


8.       The activity needs to be appropriate for children who fall into the 7 to 14 year age group.


9.       The activity and total time at the base should not exceed 5 minutes.


10.   You must stamp the contestant’s card once the activity has been completed. Although contestants may complete your activity more than once you may only stamp his or her card once.


11.   The base must be open on Saturday from 11h30 to 17h00. Early closure will impact the contestants who are trying to achieve the Super Beaver Challenge.


12.   Judging will take place during the course of the day.



13.   Judges’ decision is final and no discussion will be entered into.


Rules for Contestants

1.       Any member of the Scout and Guide movement who falls into the 7 to 14 year age group may participate.


2.       Participants have a choice of 3 challenges to enter:

a.       Cub and Brownie Challenge (7-11 years) – 15 different Beaver Challenge Bases must be completed in order to complete.

b.      Scout and Guide Challenge (11-14 years) – 30 different Beaver Challenge Bases must be completed in order to complete this challenge.

c.       Super Beaver Challenge (7-11 years) – providing that there are more than 40 different Beaver Challenge Bases registered a contestant needs to complete 90% of all bases to qualify.


3.       Participants should register for the Beaver Challenge at HQ on Saturday from 9h00 onwards.


4.       Once a contestant feels that he or she has completed enough Beaver Challenge Bases to qualify for completion of the challenge (as indicated above) he or she should report to the Beaver Challenge Desk with the completed card and R5 to purchase a special Kon Tiki Beaver Challenge Badge or Super Beaver Badge.


5.       Contestants may only present one card for one stamp once the activity at a Beaver Challenge Base has been completed. Although contestants may complete the same activity more than once, he or she only qualifies for one stamp. Badges will not be issued if a card has duplicate stamps on it.


6.       Completed cards and badge purchasing need to be done by 16h30 on Saturday.


7.       Unfortunately badges do run out and the Beaver Challenge Organisers cannot be held responsible for stocks being depleted on the day.


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