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2013/04/14 08:40:30 PM

You can download a copy of the final results under the resources section. Well done to all the participants!

Kon Tiki 2013 Final Results


2013/04/08 08:00:02 PM

Kon Tiki Beaver Challenge Rules

Rules for Challengers

1. All Kon Tikiteams who wish to win the overall Kon Tiki trophy must enter a Beaver ChallengeActivity Base.

2. Onerepresentative from each Base must report to the Beaver Challenge Desk at HQfor a short briefing at 8h00 on Saturday. Any....

2013/04/08 10:52:21 AM

Senior Scout Challenge help at Kon Tiki 2013


2012/06/30 09:03:35 PM

Planning for Kon Tiki 2013 has already started and the Kon Tiki committee would like your input.

What date do you think is best suited for Kon Tiki next year – 12th to 14th April 2013 or 24th to 26th May 2013?

Cast your vote using the QUICK POLL on the right hand sidebar of this site (you will....

2012/05/27 08:23:16 PM

The final results are now available for download from the resources section of this site. Well done to all the participants, and hope to see you all again next year. You can download the final results here


2012/05/22 01:13:04 PM

While competing in the mobility bases during the course ofthe day the rafts will be given a “surprise package’ at each mobility base. Inthis package will be an ingredient of sorts that the raft will need to use inpreparing a single sitting 2 course meal. The ingredients will range from some form....

2012/05/17 11:30:19 AM


2012/02/12 08:34:48 PM

Kon Tiki Raft cooking competition

Kon Tiki will be holding its very own “Master Chef” competition. We arelooking for the raft that can supply the best meal from the mystery box.

How it works:During the raft mobility activity on the Saturday afternoon at Kon Tiki therafts will receive a packet....

2012/01/23 04:38:23 PM

As of 23rd of January 2012, Kon Tiki 2012 badges can now be purchased at Kreature in the Northgate Shopping Center.

Please note that you need to bring cash along for the purchase of badges.

The Full Address:Shop SH305,Northgate Shopping Centre, Northumberland Road,
North Riding 2162, South....

2012/01/18 09:20:54 PM

Notes from our Camp Chief

Due to the change of venue there are a few changes to take note of for the 2012 event.

Upon arrival teams are required to report to their sub-camp chief to ensure
they are at the correct campsite - No teams will be permitted into the venue
until the gates....

2012/01/18 08:49:02 PM

Please remember that to participate in Kon Tiki 2012 you will need to register at one of the three registration events:

Saturday, 21st January 2012 at the Bramley Scout Shop between 08h30 and

Saturday, 28th January 2012 at the Tshwane Scout Shop between 08h30 and


2012/01/18 08:47:21 PM

With and all new venue this year, teams need to ensure that they are fully up to scratch with the changes in the book. As a result I have decided to give you the low down on all the size limitations and changes.

Let's start off with the Raft...

Your raft may not have a maximum deck area greater....

2012/01/18 08:16:44 PM

In keeping with the idea of change at Kon Tiki, the Beaver Challenge in 2012 will be slightly different than previous years.

Please take note of the following:

If teams want to win Kon Tiki 2012 overall they must run a Beaver Challenge base
- if you don’t enter a base you will not be eligible....

2012/01/03 12:16:13 PM

With Kon Tiki just around the corner, here is a breakdown of the points allocated to the various competitions. Use this info wisely to determine the best use of your time and resources.

% of Competition
% of Total

Raft Competition

Raft - Raft Construction 35.8%

Raft - Saftey Awareness....

2011/12/26 04:09:04 PM

The updated Kon Tiki 2012 Information Booklet is now available and can be downloaded from RESOURCES .


2011/11/22 01:08:59 PM

Kon Tiki 2012 - Arrowe Park Site Map


2011/04/01 09:52:59 PM
The planning for Kon Tiki 2012 is about to begin, but before we have the shakedown meeting I would like all Troops/Groups/Districts to submit queries,
constructive criticism and ideas to Dave Osmond on daveo@absamail.co.za or 086 505 0434 by the 10th May 2011. If it is a criticism then please provide....

2011/03/07 12:24:42 PM
The final results are now available for download from the resources section of this site.....

2011/02/26 09:11:41 PM
KonTiki has stared tweeting… follow us for KonTiki news and live announcements thoughout the weekend....

2010/11/23 10:23:12 PM


The time of sailing is nearly upon us, Rome is calling. A time of fun, eating and friendship.

There have been a number of changes to Kon Tiki 2011.The booklet and all the forms are on the Kon Tiki website kontiki.scouting.org.za and on Facebook .


Badges will be....

2010/11/02 08:01:08 PM
Become a fan of KonTiki on Facebook: click 'Like' here . ....

2010/11/01 09:12:56 AM

And so the FUN begins!…

The Kon Tiki 2011 Information Booklet and all Kon Tiki 2011 Forms have been added to the website… Check back regularly to keep informed.

This year, a lot of the forms can be filled in your computer and then printed
(in case your handwriting is a bit of an issue…) or....

2010/06/27 08:40:55 AM

The 2011 Facebook group is open... leave us you comments orsuggestions –
remember KonTiki is your event... Visit it here: KonTiki 2011


2010/03/11 10:11:08 PM

The final results are now available for download from the resources section of this site. Well done to all the participants, and hope to see you all again next year.


2010/02/24 02:10:40 PM

As part of the rafting competition, team can submit a log book to be scored against the Team Spirit sub competition. This log book provides the judges with evidence of how much effort the team has put into the pre-event planning for KonTiki 2010.

In scouting, log books are often used as a record....

2010/02/24 01:09:52 PM

This year sees an addition to the Spare Time Activity (STA) for the Supporter’s Competition, a Scouting in Action photographic competition. This aims to encourage teams to take photographs at KonTiki that show Scouts doing Scouting things. The competition is open to anyone (we will only mark the....

2010/02/24 11:48:37 AM

As is custom at KonTiki, teams are required to perform a final registration on arrival. This registration enables the KonTiki organizers the opportunity to confirm all the information gathered during the initial registration. It also gives the team a last minute option to change their minds with....

2010/01/27 05:17:45 PM

You can now subscribe to the KonTiki RSS feed to keep you up-to-date with all the latest postings.

To hook yourself up navigate to the RSS Feed by Clicking Here or you can just add the URL ( http://kontiki.scouting.org.za/rss.aspx ) into your favourite RSS application.


2010/01/27 04:26:37 PM

I am sure that all the Westrander's will be happy to hear that the KonTiki 2010 badges are now available at Kreature in the Northgate Shopping Center.

The Full Address:Shop SH305,Northgate Shopping Centre, Northumberland Road,
North Riding 2162, South Africa

For more information click to ....

2010/01/21 09:38:13 PM

To pre-register, and to obtain your team number, you you don't want to miss the Johannesburg registration day happening this Saturday the 23rd of January. Join us at the Bramley Scout Shop between 08h30 and 11h30 to reserve your spot in this years event!!

So what do you need to bring along? Well....

2010/01/10 08:23:38 PM

For all of you avid Facebook users KonTiki 2010 has aFacebook Group. Join us at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=170989402840 .


2009/12/24 02:43:13 PM

In years gone by, the scoring at KonTiki was a laborious and time-consuming affair; with many hours spend in front of an Excel spreadsheet, with a mad rush to be finished by Sunday afternoon.

Over the last four years, hundreds of hours (not just during the event) have been put in to achieve the....

2009/12/24 02:40:14 PM

Every year hundreds of Scouts gather at Murray Park, as they have done for the past twenty-seven KonTiki’s, to pit their pioneering skills against one another constructing a raft. But have you ever stopped to think about where all this began?

In 1987, KonTiki followed “In the footsteps of Thor....